Stuff I don’t like about IntelliJ Idea

I bought an Intellij Idea license years ago and was wondering why I am still not convinced. It’s the little things:

  • In IntelliJ Idea It takes endless 8 seconds to show any content after selecting File->Open…, Eclipse needs about zero seconds. I cannot even close the dialog until some content is displayed. Noticed this years ago on several systems. Hate it. Don’t try clever things on File->Open… please, just make it fast.
  • It creates the IdeaProjects folder in my home folder. Do I clutter your living environment without asking first?
  • I read the manual and IntelliJ Idea in action and the Project/Modules metapher still makes no sense to me. Oh wait, it isn’t even a metaphorworkspace is a metaphor!
  • Installing plug-ins fails without any error messages (for example: Cursive) when you do “something wrong” (using the wrong Repo for example).
  • There’s a wizard for every niche framework. Did anybody ever get this in CI/CD without starting all over again? Why not just make the “Getting Started…” Pages browsable? Pure sales tactic in my opionion.
  • The theming – why do I need theming again? Why can’t an application just look and feel like the system it’s running on? Are the marketing guys picking so hard on you?

I have yet to see someone who is doing the old red-green-refactor cycle faster in IntelliJ than in Eclipse (even without InfinitTest). Eclipse is actually so unproblematic that I still hardly feel the need to switch. Which is sad because some nice refactorings still do not exist in Eclipse and will probably never be implemented.